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Artist Info:

I was born in Salisbury in 1967 and studied Art and Design at Salisbury College of Art. Following my graduation I worked for various graphic design companies, learning much about the design industry.

Since then I have found myself more drawn to an artistic career and now I paint as much as he can. My heart lies in the contemporary landscape that surrounds us. The rich colours and textures inspire me deeply. When I first began to paint I produced paintings based on my home county of Wiltshire and the Georgian houses in Bath. However this has grown to include many other glorious cities and counties. Using acrylics on board, I incorporate texture, rich colour along with scraping and sanding back to achieve the effect I am always striving to find.

Amongst my early influences have been Bacon, Klee and Klimt. Their distinct and dramatic styles are both simple and bold. I enjoy the world around me with its intricate textures and forms and hope my paintings capture this in a contemporary way. I hope they are timeless and yet fresh and exciting at the same time.



1: Washed up on the Shore £595

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