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Artist info:

Born in Manchester, England 1953.
Becoming a resident of Cornwall, , England in1971.
By the age of twenty he had studied Archaic and Classical art and architecture in Greece(1972).Art and culture in Morocco (1972-73).Art, sculpture and architechture in India(1973).And the Himalayan arts of Nepal and Tibet in Kathmandu and the Himalayas (1974).
In 1976 he travelled to Israel where he met his future wife, the American Susan Lynn Blodgett in Jerusalem.
Returning to India with her in 1977 after sojourning in France.
Emigrating to the United States in 1978.
Residing and studying in New York City 1980-88.
Studying with Zen Master Eido Shimano Roshi 1981-83.
Began studying the path of Siddha Yoga 1984-
Travelling and studying again in India,Nepal and the Himalaya in 1987-88.
In 1988 returning to Cornwall, England and becoming the artist in residence in Lamorna Valley in the historical Birch studio.
Birth of Camilla Waite 1991.
1998 saw the couple emigrating once more to the United States with their daughter.
Returning to Cornwall in the year 2000 after the tragic death of Susan in New York City.

William now paints and teaches privately in Penwith, Cornwall and continues to exhibit widely in England and the United States








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